185229808When I’m out with my friends who are married or in serious relationships, I’ve found that they often want to talk about the various dating and hookup apps in existence (ostensibly) for single people. And I have them all: Tinder, OKCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, et. al. (This is admittedly strange because I almost never go on dates—I’m more interested in these apps from a cultural criticism kind of standpoint. Yeah… I tried, but that sounds unbelievable, even to myself.)

They’ll have great fun swiping left and right on broads and just examining the way the apps work. It’s like how I was very interested in my friend’s Grindr accounts before they came out with all of these apps for straight people. I felt left out of the app enjoyment game, and I think that’s how some of my taken friends feel at present.

But now they can download You & Me, a standalone app that was recently launched by the online dating stalwarts at How About We. The app is meant specifically for couples. It allows you and your special mate to share a slew of different types of content that are saved, helping you create a story together without annoying the piss out of all of your Facebook and Twitter friends with incessant lovey-dovey posts.

With You & Me, you can send regular texts, videos, and photographs, but you can also send voice memos and songs. There are additional features like Photobooth, which (obviously) allows you to take fun photobooth-esque pictures, Halfsie, which takes a picture of you on the top and your boo on the bottom. There’s also Secret, so you can send dick pics or whatever. They’re steamed up, and the recipient has to wipe away the steam to see the package.

How About We co-founder and co-CEO Aaron Schildkrout on the reason the company invented this app: “People in relationships say so many important things to each other through their phones. We say simple, practical things, but we also say beautiful things, intimate things—things we want to remember forever. We realized that there weren’t any messaging apps that fully support how couples communicate today—through text, music and rich media—so we built one. We created You & Me as the ideal communication resource for people in love.”

I downloaded the app and tried it out with a platonic female friend. I can definitely see how it would be a nice thing to have if you wanted to make a commemorative timeline of your relationship, especially if you want to do so with more intimate communications and moments than you would (or could) share on your social media accounts. The app serves as a kind of digital scrapbook or photo album that takes minimal effort to organize or add to.

Then years from now you can show your kids some of the stuff from your early relationship days. In high-resolution and what not.

But I will warn you that if you break up with your girlfriend, you should delete this app immediately, lest you be tempted to look through all of your intimate, romantic moments while blasting James Blunt’s “Goodbye, My Lover,” which could result in a complete and lasting nervous breakdown.