mandwithpuppyWith the winter months setting in, it’s only natural to feel a shortage of swag. Everyone’s sick, everyone’s wearing three coats and sun is gone by like, 5 p.m. Needless to say conditions are not ideal for romancing. So, for your benefit we have compiled five specific items that can help turn any loveless slump around. You don’t need to do anything more than merely own one or more of these items and your appeal among females is destined to rise.

1. A Guitar – This iconic instrument has sexy written all over it. Guitars range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand, but the affect a well-placed guitar can conjure in a corner is immense, and should never be overlooked. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to know the chords to “Freefallin.”

2. A Puppy – This one sounds obvious, but every single guy out there doesn’t own a cuddly pup, making this an untapped resource. There are different schools of thought concerning which dog breeds cause women to squeal and demand selfies with your dog. Here at the Weekly Gravy, we tend to believe that the smaller, more obnoxious and nervous dogs have tremendous powers over the feminine mind. But if you want a dog a man can be proud of, click here.

3. A Cookbook – We would never dream of suggesting that you actually use a cookbook to make a dish (although it would be serious boon when wooing a particular lady), just having a stylish cookbook tells women you like challenges, you actually feed yourself, and it’s fresh fodder for a quiet date. “Hey, we should cook this together!” Get a thick one, in case you ever need a doorstop.

4. A Dessert – With this one use your imagination. It could be pecan pie, tiramisu, pistachio ice cream; whatever you think might appeal to your special gal. We highly recommend cheesecake or a good sorbet. A dessert in refrigerator is the guarantee of a sweet evening.

5. A Motorcycle Helmet – This one takes a bold personality to pull off, but if used correctly, it can add no small amount of edge to an otherwise tame ensemble. Everyone who wears a leather jacket thinks they look tough and mean, regardless of how they actually look. Go the extra mile, buy a motorcycle helmet (pay special attention to return policies). You’re not going to put it on. It’s an accessory, perfect for the right dive bar. If a woman asks where your bike is, there is a multitude of safe excuses. The best part of this is that eventually you can say “That darn motorcycle is just too dangerous and I want to be safe for my honey.”