In this late age, we know so much about carcinogens and lung cancer, the reasons not to smoke are really piling up. Bowling alleys no longer have that old familiar stench, and now only Don Draper and other social deviants smoke on TV. Yes sir, the times they are a-changing. But thankfully a huge chunk of Americans have ignored the enormous surgeon general’s warning on the packaging and continue to smoke cigarettes in the 21st century. Among this pack of rebels, this rabble of oral fixators, some familiar faces are still blowing smoke. Here are ten celebs who continue enjoying a cigarette after a hard day of making omelettes on their yacht (or whatever it is filthy-rich famous people do on a yacht).

Barack Obama
That’s right. The leader of the free world enjoys a soothing cigarette now and again. Give the guy a break! He’s under a lot of pressure. Beside FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan were all smokers.

Kate Winslet
Yep, the actress has the tobacco vice. Perhaps it suits her dramatic prowess to inhale nicotine once and a while memorizing her lines. However, she is married to a man legally named Ned Rocknroll…

Kiera Knightley
Remember this slender actress? Yeah, she’s also a fan of a smokey treat now and again. In fact, her smoking habit has been hypothesized as a serious contributor to her super-thin figure.

Gwyneth Paltrow
That’s right. The founder of Goop, the style and health food expert enjoys an American Spirit after supervising the cleaning of her rustic Italian brick oven.

Ryan Gosling
Yet another reason for liking Ryan Gosling. Not only did he personally build the car he drove in Drive. Not only does he play fantastic music in the band Dead Man’s Bones. Not only does he know how to crochet. This dude also has a taste for a cigarettes on occasion. Figures.

Brad Pitt
This guy has been pretty forthright about his trials and errors while getting used to the limelight, so learning that Pitt is a smoker doesn’t really hurt his credibility. Besides, he and Jolie have like, 12 kids now, right? That thought alone has me craving a cigarette.

David Bowie
Yes, Ziggy Stardust is a smoker. And do you know why Bowie is a smoker? Here’s why: Because he’s David Friggin’ Bowie! THE David Bowie and he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Robert Downey Jr.
RDJ has portrayed a smoker dozens of times in cinematic roles, so it’s no surprise that the actor enjoys a cigarette when the camera aren’t rolling. He’s also one of those nervous, eccentric-types and those guys just love cigarettes. It gives them something to do with their hands.

Joaquin Phoenix
This brooding performer has difficulty not glaring at just about everyone, a disposition that is complemented by a penchant for cigarettes. He’s deep, he’s dark, he’s gloomy, he’s smoking.

Jack Nicholson
The film icon has the ease and wit of a character who has seen and done a great many things. Hey, if you’d accomplished the things Nicholson has, you’d like not hesitating before lighting a cigarette as well. He’s lived a full and incredible life, why not relish in a vice or two?

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