germsWhen embarking upon a new relationship, both men and women refer back to that great list of desired attributes and healthy habits you desire. Among both sexes cleanliness is often a trait on the list. Now, as a guy, before inviting a woman to your home for the first time, you might make sure the dishes are washed, the trash empty, and the gaming consoles hidden. But one place that is consistently neglected is the bathroom. You might be a snazzy dresser with a good job and own a clean, late model car; hell, maybe you even know a few French phrases, but if your bathroom resembles a swamp, you’re decidedly not putting your best foot forward.

Now I’m not talking about monogrammed towels and seashell-shaped soap. I’m talking about a tub without rings, a counter that’s cleared, a drain not stuffed with hair and God knows what else. It’s easy to bypass this upkeep with a lethargic, comfortable attitude. Why make the effort? It’s just the bathroom. What does it really matter? The truth is this: the average guy doesn’t spend all that much time in the bathroom. For us, it’s basic hygiene and were out. It’s not a meeting place. But for women, the bathroom has a different quality altogether. Women spend hours in their own bathrooms plucking and scrubbing and moisturizing and applying and brushing and examining. For women the bathroom is the inner sanctum.

So, if a woman comes in your home and finds it clean and orderly, yet when she inevitably wanders to the restroom and discovers your mold collection, then the jig is up. It’s like saying, “I care about appearances, but only in the most superficial sense, which does even include sanitation.” Don’t make her wear a Hazmat suit, before she considers changing into her birthday one.

Make your bathroom an extension of you and what you want to offer. Make your bathroom a place she can stay a while and be comfortable. It will be noticed and appreciated, that is a guarantee. After all, you want them to come back, right?