drinking games

Now that the leaves are changing and the fall semester is back, it’s time for students and non-students alike to drink themselves silly as often as possible. So, in that spirit we felt it was time to survey the drinking game landscape and see what new booze-soaked competitions are making waves, not to mention touching on the tried and true shot-pounding pastimes of old. We’ve omitted beer pong because… c’mon.

King’s Cup
This particular game has many names and varying rules. Typically a standard set of playing cards has a different action for each (example: a three means take three drinks). The cards are dealt in a circle, sometimes around a beer or an empty cup, and everyone takes turns drawing and doing the action associated with the card. Confused? Don’t be. This one was likely hatched in a fraternity basement on at 3 a.m., i.e. make up your own rules if you get lost. Or just follow the rules here.

Drunk Jenga
This one is a good time, as long as you don’t mind drunken scribbling on your Jenga blocks. Someone writes a different drinking rule on each block, you gotta do the action when you take a turn. Oh, and if you knock the tower down, you have to finish off your drink. Maybe Jenga could come out with a drinking edition of their own? Hint hint.

Would You Rather?
Everyone knows how to play “Would You Rather?” This is the age-old game with one small change: consequences. A question is posed, and whoever is up gives their answer. Then the entire group votes on which answer is least popular. If it’s your turn and you chose that answer, you gotta drink. This one can unravel quickly, so start the questions of pretty tame.

Star Wars
This game also varies immensely from place to place. The most tried and true version is to drink every time someone dies in Star Wars: A New Hope. Prepare to drink a bunch. May the force be with you.

I’ve Never
Both a classic and terribly simple. Seated in a circle, each person states something *realistic* that they’ve never done (example: “I’ve never had sex in a public bathroom”). Those who haven’t done that thing have to drink. It’s a drinking game and a great way to get to know people! Two birds, one kidney stone.