We all know them. You might even be one of them. With their wrinkled clothes and five o’clock shadows, these fellows appear bored with the general concept of hygiene and presentation, and yet they can still manage to find themselves a lady love. How is this possible? What great secret do they possess? It seems profoundly unlikely that women would abandon physical attraction altogether any time soon, and yet these devil-may-care, wannabe vagrants are doing just fine. Perhaps it’s not what these pseudo-vagabonds are wearing, but what it means?

Taste and culture vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city, but every population has a few men who dress themselves as if their homes don’t have mirrors. It’s not just lackluster effort, it’s intentionally careless. Making a sweeping assumption that these people don’t care is a mistake. In fact, I believe they care deeply.

If anyone ever tells you they aren’t an artist, remind them that they pick the furniture in their home, they pick what hangs on their walls, they pick the socks they wear and shoes they tie over them. How you dress yourself is a form of expression that should never be underestimated.

So what does it mean when a person dresses themselves like the don’t care if they see the sun again? Well, it’s possible they are depressed or careless, but it’s also possible that they wish to impress. Impress? Absolutely. A genuine lack of effort in one’s appearance might be simply be one’s way of stating, “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

Now matter what path of life he walks on, if a man smells of low tide and can still attract the opposite sex, then they have succeeded in communicating who they are. Is that charm, charisma, confidence, wit, humor and empathy? Quite possibly, but most importantly it means that they can convince someone to look further and dig deeper. To pride yourself on who you are and share that excitement with others is strong medicine, expecially in the realm of romance.

Of course, you can have the most beautiful insides in the world and a quick shower and shave wouldn’t detract anything from that, gents .