cattledogThe world, according to some, can be divided up into cat people and dog people. I know better than to wade into these murky waters and compare qualities of both animals head-to-head. All you have to do is search for cat videos on YouTube, and after 15 days of non-stop viewing, you’ll understand the love affair human beings have with cats. Still, no matter how adorable cats may be, or how often they have been worshiped throughout history, this article is for people who adore dogs.

Man’s best friend is an extremely wise choice for an animal companion. Yes, sometimes you have to yell at them and tell them to drop the poop they’re cradling in their mouths, or you might have to tell them to stop dry humping your guests, but all-in-all dogs have a ton of traits that in many ways, make them better than people. And why not? In a dog’s mind, there’s really no difference between the two species anyway. As soon as we can teach them to drive and do long division, the pooches of the world just might become unstoppable.

While different breeds have different qualities as far as personality, rambunctiousness, and trainability go (compare a Greyhound to a French Bulldog), dogs are some of the most loyal companions a guy could ever have. You’ll never catch your doggy “cheating” on you with another owner. Once you’ve bonded with your pet, you’re the apple of its eye, and the one it will want to go home with after an outing in the park. Every single time.

As far as affection is concerned, a dog snuggle is the best. When you’re wallowing in the blues, your pup generally knows it, and will cozy up to you for a whole lot of nuzzling. Sure, social hierarchy and “pack leader” instinct play into a human and canine relationship, yet even so, the rewards of owing a dog are boundless. Your pet lizard will never play fetch with you at the beach, and your Scottish Fold will never leap and bound by your side while you jog through the forest. When a baby is crying in a crib, a smart dog will alert you to the child’s needs, whereas a pet rabbit would probably just drop a few pellets on the carpet and move on.

Dogs love and need to be loved, and in return they make ideal pals. They’ll guard your stuff and the people you care about while bringing life and warmth to your existence. The only tragedy — besides not being able to talk or fill in for you at work on sick days — is that your canine companion’s lifespan isn’t nearly as long as yours. If you have a dog, give it a cuddle or take it out for a run or walk as soon as you can. If you’re planning on getting a furry, four-legged pet, buy responsibly (consider a rescue dog), train your animal properly, and treat it right. You’ll be investing in an incredible friend.