will smith

If you’re a young fella just starting out, or maybe a guy who’s getting a bit older, you may find yourself dreaming about motorcycles. If you don’t already ride, getting a bike — despite the inherent danger to life and limb —can represent a lot of things. Freedom, the open road, cheaper refills at the gas pump and all of the romance that comes from tearing across this great land on two wheels could all be yours — if only your wife, girlfriend or mom would let you buy that damn motorcycle…

Forget motorcycles. While undoubtedly cool — even if one of the nicknames for motorcycle riders is “future organ donors” — what you really ought to do is get your hands on your very own personal jet. Sure, a jet might not be in your price range right now, or ever, but hey, if you’re going to dream about freedom, why not dream big?

Honda, famed for its world-class bikes, is now in the personal jet business. If you do somehow manage to acquire one of these stylish puppies, the question, “Hey baby, how about a spin on my Honda?” will take on a whole new meaning.

Honda, which isn’t known for machines that literally fly, has entered the personal jet market with its very chic-looking HondaJet. The company boasts that its plane is “the ultimate balance of innovation and inspiration.” With an over-the-wing engine mount, plus lots of attention given to a roomier cabin, noise reduction and increasing the jet’s fuel efficiency, Honda really is trying to break into the small jet market with incredible panache.

The body of the plane is much lighter than many of its competitors, and thus more efficient (in terms of fuel and other costs) as well. This was made possible through the use of “honeycomb sandwich structures” in the composite material fuselage, and other innovative technologies. The ergonomically designed cockpit, which allows for maximum comfort and visibility for the pilot, is also a notable perk — just in case you’re the sort of person who likes to fly your own plane.

Yet that’s not what you really want to hear about, is it? Sure, the price tag, which comes in at several million dollars, is a little hefty (hopefully it will drop in the coming years). But you’re an up-and-coming CEO, or the owner of a successful startup, right? No? Well, don’t worry, because as U.S. Senator Marco Rubio once told us, “We are a nation of haves and soon-to-haves.”

So, for all of you “soon-to-haves” out there thinking about the next purchase you’re “soon to have,” why not spend some of that imaginary green on a flying Honda? The wow factor is off the charts. Be the first millionaire on your block to own a sleek and sexy plane made by one of the coolest motorbike companies on the planet. Honda is “reimagining flight from the ground up,” which could mean a whole new era in personal flying machines. That’s a lot better than being stuck on the ground, sitting in traffic or waiting for the bus.