arcadeDowntown LA has a new establishment that’s stirring up interest for gamers and drinkers alike: 82. At the crossroads of bars and arcades you’ll find this establishment. Instead of the average bar where patrons sip cocktails and mingle, here the aim is drinking and gaming, both in equal measure. These types of spots are called “barcades,” and they have been sprouting up in major cities all over the U.S.

Imagine all the joy of playing your favorite arcade game from childhood, but this time around you have a drink in your hand.

Are these libation-soaked gaming halls the newest trend, like cupcake shops and gastropubs, or does the barcade have the fanfare to go the distance? Regardless, I have concocted a few trends that have yet to see the light of day, but have all the random, fashionable, or nostalgic qualities that get curious customers in the door. If you are a young entrepreneur, take notice. For everyone else, enjoy these bizarre ideas that might be the newest hot spot in the days to come.

1) The Wading Pool Wine Bar – What could possibly make the joy of wine tasting any better? Everyone in bathing suits, duh. Why hasn’t this been invented?! This is the perfect combination of classy and trashy in the sunshine, just as long as no one spills their White Zinfandel in the pool.

2) Laundromat Dance Parties – Think of all the time you sit in laundromats wishing your stupid jeans would be dry already! Why not boogie while waiting? Finding a way to make being productive this much fun should be everyone’s goal.

3) Petting Zoo Coffee Houses – Few things are as peaceful and calming as a hot cup of coffee or tea on a brisk morning. What could possibly make this daily ritual more gratifying? Farm animals that’s what! Sip your English Breakfast while handing out goat chow, or pet a sheep while eating your oatmeal. Just don’t step in the…err, coffee grounds.

4)  The Barber Lounge – A classy cocktail and some live music can only improve time spent in the barber’s chair getting a trim. And just think of the cocktail names! The Hair of the Dog That Bit Me! The Trimmer. Sheer Glory. Oh puns…

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