The ’90s was a charmed age filled with sensational sitcoms, economic prosperity, and all the pastels we could get our hands on. As years go by, some things from the ’90s have begun to show their age (remember Nickelodeon’s Gak?), while others seem to burn all the brighter in our memories. The TV actresses of the ’90s were a big-haired cadre of trendsetters and heartbreakers, and these were the very best.

Rebecca Gayheart
Perhaps her name doesn’t jog your memory immediately, but a certain series of Noxzema commercials certainly will. The perky actress had roles in several films including Scream 2 and Urban Legend. But her big break was as Toni Marchette on “Beverly Hills: 90210.”

Keri Russell
Sure, she has cultivated a prestigious film career including Mission: Impossible III and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but in the collect memory of teenage boys in the ’90s she will always be Felicity, the star of the college drama at the “University of New York.” Russell’s snark and wit carried the show through four stellar seasons and one massive haircut incident.

Pamela Anderson
Few blonde bombshells in history can hold a candle to this buxom beauty, and in the ’90s she was without peer. Anderson was the real reason an entire generation of men sat through hokey episodes of “Baywatch.” Of course, she was never a seminal actress, but it didn’t matter then and it certainly doesn’t matter now. Even Borat knew she was special.

Jennifer Aniston
Most people probably still think of her as Rachel, and “Friends” hasn’t been off the air for ten years! She was everyone’s gorgeous, unattainable New York babe. Funny, smart and somehow cooler than the show’s other leading ladies. Of course Rachel was a waitress in a coffee shop (yet never seemed to be working)– it was the ’90s.

Tiffany-Amber Thiessen
Yes, all roads lead to Kelly Kapowski. No dimples were sweeter, no bangs were bigger, and no fantasies enthralled the young men of America like this actress in her lead role on “Saved By the Bell.” She was the complete package: fashionable, peppy and always brandishing a million-dollar smile. To this day, Thiessen doesn’t look quite right without a row of lockers behind her.

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