Jet Rag LA (Image Credit: Stormsmagasin)

It’s more than possible to shop for clothes from the comfort of your home, if that’s how you go about grabbing your duds. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can order clothes from anywhere. While this method is convenient, you have to admit that something is lost here. Those serendipitous strolls through random stores that turn out to be treasure troves of fun oddities are not part of this equation. Every now and then, browsing in a strange clothes shop is just what the doctor ordered. And you won’t have to wait for those pop-up ads to load. So, for native Angelenos and tourists alike ,here are nine unique establishments to help you get stylish for fall.


Located on Melrose, these folks are equipped with all the denim, flannel, and sweet kicks you’ve been looking for. They carefully curate racks and racks of well-known brands at unheard of prices.


If you are on the east side, this establishment has all the eclectic and vintage bases covered. They pride themselves on showpieces: one-of-a-kind finds meant to make an impression without bankrupting you.


Once you discover this clothing chain, you’ll be coming back for more. They have an enormous selection of gently-used designer label clothes for you to peruse. This store caters to those with the heart of the intrepid explorer, looking to find the diamond in the rough.


Boasting a wide of array of items bursting with personality, this exceptional store is looking to help you make an impression. Granted, it’s not the cheapest shop around — but they’re not offering stuff you see every day, either.

Council Thrift Shop

You never know what you’ll find here, and that’s why it’s worth checking out. Known for its furniture selection, this thrift store also offers some impressive clothing items to prepare for the (somewhat) colder months.

Jet Rag

This vintage haven offers heaps and heaps of insanely fun shirts, jackets, pants, and shoes at reasonable prices. This isn’t a shop for the shrinking violets of retail. Sometimes you gotta defend your finds. Did we mention they have a $1 sale every Sunday?

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

With fall on the way, this is the perfect place to go prowling for some impressive duds. It’s cheap, the selection is incredible, and it’s raising money for a terrific non-profit. Win-win-win!

UCLA Thrift Shop

Besides the odd far-too-cool-for-that-price piece of clothing, this terrific spot has random wonderful knick-knacks as well. So go for the jackets and sweaters, but don’t forget to explore the enormous used book selection.

It’s a Wrap!

Ever wonder where gently-used clothes from film and TV sets often end up? Stores like this! And even better, these items are priced to move. Designer stuff is regularly coming in and walking out, so what are you waiting for?