wintershadeWhether you live in sunny California or snowy New York, Winter time is no time to neglect your eyes.  Besides looking like a rock star, sunglasses are important for your eye health, reducing glare, preventing squinting and protecting your orbs from dangerous UV rays, especially polarized lenses.  But really, sunglasses are kinda more about looking mysterious and sexy.  The right pair of frames can instantly transport you to another mindset and create a new narrative for your style.  The wrong pair of frames can do the same, but in a bad way.  The douchey neon wraparounds favored by guys with mullets and sleeveless t-shirts are best left to relics of the 90s and fans of “Duck Dynasty.”  Treat yourself to a fresh new look for the dog days of Winter and with an eye towards Spring, technically only a few weeks away.  Although it’s still Winter, it’s never too cold to look cool.


Retrosuperfuture is based, like so many great icons of the fashion world, in Italy, and specializes in handmade, acetate frame sunglasses.  Jazzing up classic silhouettes with contemporary colors and tweeks, Retrosuperfuture’s line is clean and modern without being overly trendy.  Their Flat Top Francis Havana frame in tortoise shell and gold is an immediate classic.  Not too big, not too small, and packed with Italian style, the Havana is like a vacation on your face.


Once upon a time Gregory Peck made a great movie of the great novel To Kill A Mockingbird and in that movie Gregory Peck wore a pair of perfect glasses that eyeglass wearers have been trying to copy for decades.  The good folks at Oliver Peoples have solved that problem for us and released a replica of the frame designed after the original specs Peck wore in the film.  Get the Gregory Peck in a classic tortoise shell frame with Olivine vintage glass lenses in amber for a classic cool vibe that has a lot of eyeglass history packed into it’s perfectly round frames.


For an always sexy Aviator style, with a contemporary twist, Warby Parker’s Cromwell frame cannot be beat.  Explore Warby Parker’s at-home try-on feature before you buy; you can try up to five pairs at a time, so have a little fun and try a few color options.  We love the frame in Obsidian (a matte silver) with green polarized lenses.


Tired of looking like everyone else, needing something a little special to set you apart from the herd without looking like a complete fashion victim? If so, it’s time for you to try a pair of hand crafted, all wood sunglasses from Portland, Oregon based Shwood.  All their frames are made entirely by hand, incorporating Carl Zeiss lenses imported from Italy with 100% UV/UVB protection.  Plus, they’re really cool.  We love the Canby frame in walnut with brown polarized lenses.


For a frame that’s timeless, the eternal cool of Ray Ban is your first choice.  The Ray Ban Clubmaster frame has been worn by everyone from Malcolm X to Belinda Carlisle to Jude Law, and the look is as fresh today as it was in Malcolm’s day.  Adding a modern twist to the evergreen design, Ray Ban offers the Clubmaster in a convenient folding model, especially handy for prescription lens wearers frequently switching glasses.  Available in several color combinations, we’re partial to the ultra classic black frame with crystal green lenses.