cerealIf you still enjoy a hearty bowl of cereal at the break of day, then perhaps this break food personality profile test can provide you with some crunch. Let’s be candid, the type of cereal you eat speaks volumes of your frame of mind, your healthy habits, even your life aspirations. Of course, there some hearty embellishments are at work, but we like to think the proof is in the pudding, errr Corn Flakes.

Lucky Charms – Although you might suspect that grown adults who feast upon marshmallowy cereal are immature and high on sugar, we believe that these types are eternal optimists and big dreamers. They are a kid at heart and never lose that sense of wonder concerning the world around them. Oh, and they’re also really high on sugar.

Cheerios – These types usually have been eating the golden Os for years, maybe even decades. Cheerios lovers are steadfast, even-keeled, dependable types. They care about getting exercise and staying sharp. They enjoy challenges and problem-solving.

Kasha – Those that sit down to an big bowl of Kasha cereal are adventurous and eco-friendly. They love the outdoors and “getting away from it all.” Although they can be overbearing and lack empathy when push comes to shove.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Typically highly intelligent and full of insight, these cereal lovers can at times lack the motivation to see their big ideas through. Like this delicious cereal, they need to take advantage before their whole bowl is soggy.

Frosted Mini-Wheats – This fiber-loving type is extremely active and passionate. They are on the go at all hours and live for the momentum. But like this two-sided morning treat, their passion can be as destructive as it is exciting.

Cocoa Puffs – Because this cereal is as incredible dry as it is with milk, the profile of the Cocoa Puffs lover is a complex animal. They are typically artistically inclined and non-conformist in their lifestyle. Often they lack self-control and indulge to a fault. Or go “cuckoo” as we call it. But they are an endearing lot, often meaning well, regardless of how the chips fall.

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