I love watching women put their hair up. If there was a YouTube channel for it I would subscribe, post haste. The cliché that a woman letting down her hair is sexy is tired, overplayed, and a big whatever. It’s much sexier to see a woman put her hair up. Why? Because it means she’s ready for business. It means she’s ready to take action. It means she’s not messing around.

Scrunchie, rubber band, knitting needle, whatever it takes – just put that hair up. The hair accessory does not matter. (You ever see a woman just tie her long hair in a knot? It is KILLER.) What matters is that act of putting the hair up and, more importantly, the ability to view that act of a woman putting her hair up. Watching a woman put up her hair is like watching a great ballet. It is majestic. Plus it shows off the neck, which is the sexiest part of a woman’s body. (Though boobs are nice, too.)

In fact, saying that a woman is “letting her hair down” is not necessarily a flattering description. Yes, that phrase can mean that she is “finally relaxing”, but it could also mean that she is “ready to go to sleep.” And that’s the last thing you want a woman to do. There is no worry of that when a woman puts her hair up. A woman who puts her hair up ain’t going to sleep. She ain’t done with the day yet. So if you think about it, the phrase “letting your hair down” is not as really an effective way to describe a woman who is ready to get down. We should replace it with “putting her hair up.” It is much more apropos. (Yes, I just used the word “apropos.”)

Part of what makes it so great is that women do it so effortlessly. I have never had long hair, so to see a woman put her hair up with ease is simply fascinating. It’s second nature. They’re not even thinking about what they are doing as they do it. They have more important things on their mind and it is that kind of absentmindedness that only adds to the seductiveness that is a woman putting her hair up.

The best is when a woman puts her hair up and a little bit of it falls out but she’s either too busy or just doesn’t give enough of a crap to fix it. Those few strands are inviting you, summoning you, telling you to come on over. Those strands are telling you that this is a woman who is too busy to deal with your b.s. but is still willing to give you the time of day. That is straight-up sex on a platter. Hair up with a few strands falling down – that is having your cake and eating it, too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

See, there is a sense of urgency when a woman puts her hair up that is intoxicating. There is a flurry and (dare I say?) a furry to it that cannot be denied and must be recognized as awesome. When a woman puts her hair up it means that she has important things to do right this minute and having her hair down is an impediment to what she needs to get done. Something in front of her needs to get done and it needs to get done right now. And hopefully what she needs to do is you.

Or it could just mean that they are sick of their hair getting in their face. I may be reading too much into it.