man drinking

There are two types of people in this world: people who drink before a first date and people who do not.

I am, almost without fail or precedent to the contrary, the former. Since I’ve been old enough to legally drink (and a few times before), I have had a drink or two or a few before a first date. (I’ve drank before subsequent dates, as well, as the situation warrants. I’m not going to limit myself to doing it only on a first date.)

I find it to be a great preparation tactic. It loosens you up, which is absolutely crucial. If you’re not nervous for a first date, I don’t understand you. It’s one of the most socially nerve-wracking activities out there, even if you’re a pretty extroverted and outgoing person. I always get it in my head that she might be one of the ones out there who I could spend the rest of my life with UNLESS I ROYALLY F**K IT UP.

And when you start having thoughts like that, boy, you need a drink somethin’ fierce.

Additionally — and this is beneficial in a way that’s going to probably seem counterintuitive — it’s no secret that drinking lowers your inhibitions. I argue that this is a positive going into a date, because when we’re uptight we tend to try and act like the person we think the lady we’re out with is looking for. And this person is never the genuine person you are. But you don’t know what she’s looking for, and if you don’t act like yourself from the very beginning, then you’re embarking on one of the worst kinds of a fool’s errand.

But of course you don’t want to overdo it, and you don’t want it to be in any way detrimental to your dating experience.

I’m here to help.

Here are five tips to help you make the best and most of your pre-date drinking.

Don’t pre-date drink at home.

You might start to have thoughts like, “Well, I’m already at home and I have booze. Is it really worth it for me to leave to meet some girl I don’t really know?” But once you’re out, you can use the pre-date drinking as a momentum builder.

Plan ahead.

When you pick a spot for a date, you’re probably doing research or are already familiar with the venue. So you should know what’s around it, and where you might be able to go to get your pre-date drinking in. (You never want to do your pre-date boozing at the date spot, because that’s just weird and tacky.) When you’re drinking alone, you may as well go to the cheapest dive you can find within a manageable distance of your date. I like to go to this sort of classy place for dates that is almost right next to this dive called The Library that has a two-for-one happy hour. Find your Library, my friends.

Show up early enough to do your early drinking.

You don’t want to be rushed. Take a seat and have a leisurely drinking session. You can gather your thoughts and your physical self this way. I like to show up with plenty of time to stop sweating and enjoy myself and to get my game face on.

Stick with the booze that works for you.

My body reacts positively to any kind of booze I put into it, but I have friends who get all weird and mean or whatever when they drink whiskey or tequila. I’m convinced this is a strange mental placebo thing, but it doesn’t change the fact that certain types of liquor make them act like dicks.

Keep moving around every once in a while.

It’s really easy sometimes when you’re sitting still to get pretty wrecked and not notice it is happening until it’s too late. Then you roll up into a date stumbling and unable to remember her name or hold a conversation that has to do with anything other than where the waiter is because you want to murder some chicken tenders. The best way to prevent this is to get up and move around during or after each drink you consume. It’s a good way to gauge where you’re at, and you don’t want to go into a date on a level that is any higher than slightly buzzed.

Good luck, fellas. I believe in you.

Image Credit: JulieF514 on Flickr