Perfumes Created By Women In France In November, 2007 -

Pheromones can make us a little crazy — literally, and in more ways than one. These secreted chemicals drive us to eat, fight, mark out our territory, and have sex in order to procreate the species.

Many of us still believe that sex is just for fun (most of the time), or maybe for revenge if we’re being naughty. We’ve forgotten that our root sexual desires were created with the express purpose of driving us to sire offspring which, after orgasm (hopefully you at least got that much), is a lot of hard work.

Human beings, unlike other species, have the scientific know how to dig deep into the chemical world of pheromones and learn how they work. Even so, and despite our knowledge of many chemical processes, pheromones still exert a powerful control over our inner desires and our outward social lives. While a lot of research about how pheromones — along with other chemicals — affect human sexual desire and attraction is still ongoing, the evidence seems to suggest that pheromones play a significant role in our collective sex drives.

The human pheromonal network and a potential pheromone nerve might help initiate sexual attraction in our species. More research needs to be done in order to find a definite answers, but that hasn’t stopped clever people from marketing the hell out of the potentiality that exists in pheromones — ranging from actual pheromones to the public’s vague, non-scientific awareness of what pheromones really do.

Pheromone-based items can grab the attention of the consumer masses — regardless of the fact that researchers are still unraveling many of the mysterious surrounding pheromones.

If an advertiser promotes a cologne, soap, shampoo or perfume laced with primordial pheromones that promises to help you snatch up whoever you may be after (sounds a bit dodgy when written in print), why not take the pheromonal plunge? Some of us need all the help we can get. A chemical advantage in the games of sex, dating, relationships and love seems like a pretty good sell.

But wait. If it’s too good to be true, well, you know how the idiom goes. While there’s no denying pheromones can rock our world, the evidence that pheromone-based products will give us a sexual advantage is sketchy at best.

I might be losing some of youreaders after a chemical “cheat” in the dating field right about now. For those of you betting your future romantic and sexual happiness on the power of pheromones, take heart. Just because it hasn’t been proven that pheromone-infused perfumes and colognes won’t turn you into an instant Don Juan, that doesn’t mean they don’t work either. My educated guess is that there’s probably some middle ground here.

Pheromone-laden personal grooming products may very well help you “chemically” signal and attract a potential mate. And even if they don’t do what they’ve been touted to do, the fact that you believe the pheromone cologne you’ve splashed all over your body gives you a significant advantage over the miserable schlub relying on plain old deodorant could do wonders for your self confidence.

Hey, all’s fair in love and war, right? I’d wager that’s what the pheromone-producing cosmetic industry is counting on. So, if you’re so inclined, slather on the good stuff and get those ladies phero-moaning. Good luck, and happy hunting.