woman drinking beer

Everyone has their usual drink. Whether it’s a light beer or an elaborate concoction, it can perhaps offer some insights into the individual’s taste and their frame of mind. No two women are alike, but of course, some share idiosyncrasies, and their favorite libation is more telling than you might think. We’re taking some liberties here, so don’t get too bent out of shape if you disagree.

A Glass of Wine
It could be a chilled Chardonnay or a crappy Sirah, but a glass of wine speaks of perhaps some familiarity with comfort and even some naivety on the part of the drinker. There are, of course, just wine lovers out there. But they usually prattle on about the quality of the wine, so they are easy to spot.

A Signature Cocktail
Every establishment has a their own creations. If she is sipping on something called “Bruno’s Revenge,” it’s generally a good sign. It’s adventurous and easy-going, because we all know that “Bruno’s Revenge” could very well taste like some old man’s cologne. Choosing a signature drink also means they are willing to leave their comfort zone, or that they come to this bar quite often.


If the gal of your dreams is sipping a glass of whiskey, this spells a few things. She is likely very independent and opinionated, but likely also self-deprecating and open-minded. Whiskey is a sometimes spicy, sometimes harsh drink. It’s acquired, like coffee. So a fervent whiskey drinker is a discerning individual.

The average vodka drinker is not a fan of the taste of vodka. What they enjoy about this alcohol is that is can be easily disguised by everything from juice, to soda, to a liquor. Their is an obtuse quality to someone ordering a drink that is half juice on a regular basis. They perhaps haven’t broadened their horizons since those sorority days, or maybe they just like day-drinking. As I said, vodka is easy to disguise. A girl who drinks straight vodka, however, is a rare, impressive type.

No millennial woman is a champion for gin. Not one. If she orders a gin, pay your tab and back away slowly.

You knew we’d get here eventually. If she is a beer drinker, she’s affable and not concerned with dressing up the moment. Beer is a hearty drink. It’s also an acquired taste. If she’s sipping an ale or a lager, she’s easy-going in most situations, and adaptable in the rest.