Don’t be angry because we didn’t put Bukowski on the list. If you want to read “Women,” go for it, but these are books that have the power to shift your perspective, light your imagination, and perhaps give you a touch of needed sensitivity (if only for a few hours). This is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start. Plus we threw in two short story compilations, for any of you with severe ReADHD.


Often cited as your girlfriend's favorite novelist, there's no reason your gender should stop you from experiencing Ms. Didion's verbal intellect. The book of essays covers a recording session with Jim Morrison and The Doors, Huey Newton and The Black Panthers, Eldridge Cleaver, the San Francisco State riots, and the Manson murders. There's something for everything. Quotable Life Advice: "We tell ourselves stories in order to live. The princess is caged in the consulate. The man with the candy will lead the children into the sea…We interpret what we see, select the most workable of multiple choices."

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