If there is a Hell, many of us will probably see Dottie Sandusky there if ever we’re sent on a Satanic errand down to the lowest levels, where pedophiles live alone with the people who enable them or stand idly by while they commit their heinous acts.

Because make no mistake: Dottie Sandusky is an evil and terrible person. Not as terrible as her husband Jerry Sandusky, who I’m sure you know was a former Penn State football coach and a convicted molester of no fewer than 45 boys — underprivileged boys he often gained intimate access to through The Second Mile, a charity he founded and helped run.

Think about that for a second: 45 boys. And so many of them happened inside his family home. Where Dottie Sandusky lived.

You can’t pull off something like that for as long as Jerry Sandusky did without your wife knowing.

And yet, Dottie Sandusky maintains that her husband is innocent. She continues to call her husband’s victims “accusers,” and claims that they were manipulated into claims against him so that they could have a payout. Note that others have come forward during and since the trial, one of whom is The Sanduskys’ ADOPTED SON.

This is completely insane. People will do a lot of crazy stuff for money, but to come forward and say you were molested by an old man on repeated occasions is where most would draw the line. It would be borderline impossible to get 45 people, all from the same area, to stoop to that level. There is also no plausible reason for former Penn State coach Mike McQueary to have made up a story that he saw Sandusky doing sexual things with a boy in a Penn State locker room shower.

Dottie Sandusky has every right to think this way, and to tell people who will listen that she believes what she believes. Freedom of speech and all that. I can only assume that she’s either in extreme denial, is extremely evil and turned a blind eye to her husband’s repeated sodomy of minors, or she lacks the cognitive ability to connect painfully clear dots. (She kind of reminds me of the disabled sister-wife of Errol Childress in True Detective. Like maybe she is too much of a simpleton to have known what was going on, which is the kind of wife you’re going to want for a sham marriage meant to cover up your rampant pedophilia.) It could be some combination of all three.

But Dottie Sandusky should live out the rest of her days without the opportunity to lob her distorted ideas into the limelight.


Because to give her a soapbox to stand on is going to do nothing for the fight against sex crimes against minors. It’s already hard enough to come forward to the proper people with something like that without living in fear that everyone is going to call you a liar who is looking for a paycheck. It’s definitely not out of the question that somebody who has endured such trauma would keep it to themselves. They’ve been through enough pain — they certainly don’t need a crazy person appearing on TV to call them a bunch of gold-digging bull-sh**ers.

In one of the worst and most irresponsible displays of sensationalist journalism I’ve seen in recent memory, Dottie Sandusky was given this opportunity on live television last week. For 51 minutes. Pseudo-journalist Matt Lauer traveled to the Sandusky home to allow the woman to mount facile and ridiculous defenses of her husband, and to allow her to call the victims “accusers.” At one point, LAUER EVEN CALLED THEM ACCUSERS. Which they are not. Sandusky was convicted.

NBC, Lauer and anybody else involved with that monstrosity of a television interview should be completely ashamed of themselves. The only good that could possibly come out of this is that it’ll light a fire under someone’s ass to further investigate Dottie Sandusky, to pursue — at the very least — perjury charges against her.

It’s not enough for the victims to believe she’ll burn in Hell with her husband. I’m sure many of them, after what was allowed to happen to them, do not believe in a Heaven or a Hell.

So Dottie Sandusky should be made to suffer incessantly while on Earth.

Just in case.