I like to think I have a fairly firm grasp on most pop culture trends. Keyboard Cat makes sense. GIFs of Justin Bieber spitting on his own fans are logical. Even Bitcoin seems to have some promising aspects. Girls in fedoras, however, do not. Every time I see a girl in a fedora, I also expect a sequined vest and a baton. I suppose an attractive woman wearing a fedora has an androgynous quality, but good? In this modern age, most guys don’t exactly set the world on fire with a fedora, either. Why? Because you’re not Humphrey Bogart and this isn’t the roaring twenties. And to state the obvious, you’re not wearing a suit. You’re wearing jeans and t-shirt…and a fedora. We’re getting off topic here. When women embrace a grandiose item, like knee-high boots, it makes sense. It’s bold, it’s sexy. Unfortunately a fedora is more akin to playing dress-up. It’s not genuine, and that transcends a mere hat. I’m always in favor of challenging yourself to grow and change, even in your closet. But this item doesn’t make sense. So ladies, with respect, unless you rose to fame with the song “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” and you now star in a Vegas show in which you don’t exactly “sing” per say, a fedora just isn’t a great idea.