Chris Pratt

You’ve probably seen him bumbling around like the ultimate man-child on Parks and Recreation as Andy Dwyer. Or perhaps popping his head up in Zero Dark Thirty and Moneyball. He’s Chris Pratt, a funny man who has been stealing scenes under the radar in everyman roles, and his stars are about to align. With a steadily growing roster of exceptional roles, it’s very possible 2015 could be the year of The Pratt.

Like some Hollywood B-movie plot, Pratt was discovered while working as a waiter in Maui. Since that fateful day, he has soared through film and television like a Top Gun montage. Landing steady roles on Everwood and The O.C., the actor often portrayed characters that were easy to hate, taking on roles that were limited. Pratt continued to grow and improve, however, trading in a-typical melodrama for serious comedy.

Of course, that’s when America met Andy Dwyer. Few times in an actor’s life are they handed the role of a lifetime. Such is what happened to Chris Pratt. The Pawnee, Indiana resident is a slob, wannabe rock star/city employee with a heart of gold and Pratt plays him to comic perfection, regularly outshining Amy Poehler, which is not and will never be an easy task. It’s clear that greatness was calling, but would Chris answer the call?

Several months ago, photos surfaced of Pratt after shedding sixty pounds for his next role. The dude who looked like Tim in accounting or Fred the bartender now looked like a movie star. Soon he’ll be starring alongside Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s next great vehicle. This everything-is-exploding-to-classic-rock comedy has all the makings of big summer box office numbers and, consequently, making Chris a household name.

Next on the list? Pratt is currently filming the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World (seriously). Pratt will be doing some research on the velociraptors (the long-taloned fiends) and I’m assuming something is going to go terribly wrong. Well, it can’t be robotic dinosaurs because Transformers: Age of Extinction already took that idea.

And that’s how a funny waiter in Hawaii became the next Hollywood power player. Go figure.

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